27th Bookforum An international book festival where lectures, workshops, discussions, meetings, and performances are held, as well as the book fair itself.
project Euro Film Fest
Euro Film Fest
Online European film festival created with the support of the EU Delegation to Ukraine.
project MOM
State project aimed at the development and support of art education in Ukraine.
project Ukrsib Movie Fest
Ukrsib Movie Fest
The first online festival of French comedies in Ukraine with the support of Ukrsibbank.
project Business-Guide
Portal, with a complete database of Ukrainian companies and organizations, and provides the opportunity to create personal websites for these companies.
project 26th Bookforum
26th Bookforum
International literary festival, which includes lectures, workshops, discussions, meetings, performances and book fair.
project Ministry of Culture of Ukraine
Ministry of Culture of Ukraine
Development of a website, branding and creating a new font for the Ministry of Culture of Ukraine.
project Smart Crypto
Smart Crypto
A project that provides an opportunity to join the cryptocurrency market and receive regular passive income.